How to Experience the Blessed Life

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Jesus Christ came to earth that we might have and enjoy an abundant life. Located inside Him are God’s hidden Spiritual Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge to accomplish it. Colossians 2:3 declares, “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” The Supernatural Power of God that produces this life is presently located inside these Treasures.  However, mysteries surrounding them must be understood and embraced to experience it.   First, since these Treasures are hidden, they must be sought and found. God requires that our soul prospers to experience His prepared abundant life. Only His Treasures prosper our soul.  Therefore, our priority in Christ is to actively and diligently seek to get God’s Wisdom and Knowledge inside our hearts, understanding that He is a Rewarder of diligent seekers. (Hebrews 11:6)  Daily, we should be discovering Pearls of Wisdom from God’s word to direct our behavior in life; for it is our behavior that determines the quality of our future. God’s Knowledge is His words to us. Specifically, He has provided commands or wise Instructions for us to follow. His Instructions make us spiritually wise individuals.  Proverbs 8:33 declares, “Hear instruction, and be wise and refuse it not.”  They take control of our minds and direct three things: (l) what we say, (2) how we say it and (3) how we treat people. His Wisdom is the application of His Knowledge to life. For example, to receive God’s Supernatural Health in our body, we simply follow His Instructions and depart from earthly wisdom, which opposes God.  (Proverbs 3:7-8) God’s Instructions contain His Spiritual Ways and Paths, which are deposited inside us as we receive His Instructions.  Our spirit is to daily walk in them (obeying them) for His blessings to flow and manifest in our lives. (Psalm 119:1-3) Equally important to know is that His Ways and Paths are spiritual “Light.” They dominate all spiritual darkness, the only place where Satan walks. God’s Ways and Paths must replace all those inside us that oppose Him.  It is clear that we cannot walk in what we do not know. Accordingly, the Holy Spirit was sent from Heaven to instruct us in God’s pure Ways and Paths. (Psalm 25:4)  As we learn them, we must walk in them, doing what they direct.  For the benefit, we must make a critical self evaluation of our ways and turn our feet to God’s “Paths of Righteousness.” (Psalm 119:59-60)   We are to literally depart from walking in evil wisdom to God’s Wisdom that is contained in His instructions.  Also, a critical value of His instructions is that Satan, who destroys, walks only in paths of spiritual darkness. As we walk in God’s Paths, Satan has absolutely no dominion over us; again, because he can only walk in paths of darkness. (Psalm 17:4-5)  Knowing and doing these truths cause us to experience the blessed life. God Bless. From Pastor Leroy Rankin

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